Socialist ViewPoint and analysis for working people

April 2005 • Vol 5, No. 4 •

Letter from the Editors


A Trojan Jackass for the Anti-War Movement

By Stan Goff

Preemptive Police Action Against Local Antiwar Group

By Bonnie Weinstein

Military Recruiters Target Campus Activists

By Hadas Their And Katrina Yeaw

Defending Labor’s Right to Protest the War

By Jack Heyman

No Home Fit for Heroes

By Gary Younge

United States

Why the $4.7 Trillion Pyramid Won’t be Enough to Save Wall Street

By Michael Hudson

Behind The Dollar’s Slide:
A World Economy Wildly Out Of Balance

By Robert J. Samuelson

America Smells the Coffee

By Stephen Roach

Oil for Dollars, and Dollars for U.S. Deficit

By Richard Benson

Secret U.S. Plans for Iraq’s Oil

By Greg Palast

Goss Says CIA Ban Excludes Terrorists

Running on Empty

By Robert Bryce

The Dysfunctional Society:
U.S. Billionaires on the Rise—Roads, Bridges in Decay

By Jamie Chapman And Kate Randall

Okay, We Give Up

By the Editors of Scientific American

‘$2 Bills Ain’t Real Money!’

Science and Environment

The State of the World? On the Brink of Disaster

By Steve Connor

Social Change and Human Nature

By Will Miller

Latin America

Ricardo Alarcon Says: ‘Let’s Talk About Cuban Democracy’

By Liset García

US Could Not Find Anyone to Present Anti-Cuba Resolution

By Raisa Pages

The Convertible Peso Appreciates 8 Percent Against the U.S. Dollar

By Anett Rios Jauregui and José A. de la Osa

Fidel Castro: The Pope, Religion and the ‘Fall of Communism’

By María Julia Mayoral, Anett Ríos, José A. de la Osa, Alexis Schlachter and Alberto Núñez

The Pope Has Blood on His Hands

By Terry Eagleton

We Should Normalize Relations with Cuba

By Bill Fletcher Jr.

Interview with Philip Agee: CIA Intervention in Venezuela

By Jonah Gindin

My Turn: An Updated Doctrine

By David Noon

Why Socialists Defend the Bolivarian Revolution

By John Riddel

Coming to Terms with China: No Longer the “Lone” Superpower

By Chalmers Johnson

Afghanistan and Iraq

Revival of the Taliban

By Syed Saleem Shahzad

Journalists Tell of U.S. Falluja Killings

Two by Mumia Abu Jamal

In Malcolm’s Memory

Ona Move! Greetings to the Global Women’s Strike—2005!

Arsenal of Marxism

The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism

By V. I. Lenin
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