Letters to the Editor

Revolutionary Greetings 2007

The bloody corpse of capitalism staggered into 2007—bringing death and misery to millions. The ruling class has celebrated the holiday with the grotesque execution of one of it’s own children, Saddam Hussein, and by sending the 3000th U.S. soldier to their death.

Despite all the employers’ money and power, with all the lies of a servile media and the theater of fake elections—despite all that, the American working class has remained steadfast and even deepened its opposition to the bloodbath in Iraq.

For us, 2006 will be remembered as the year when millions of immigrant workers took to the streets to fearlessly proclaim: “We are not criminals, we are workers! —Sí Se Puedo! (Yes We Can!). The employers learned a lesson about class solidarity— Mayday 2006 was the greatest display of class-conscious militancy in this country for over fifty years.

By pretending to be against the war, the Democrats have raised expectations that the quagmire will end and resources redirected to an increasingly impoverished working class. If Washington proceeds to escalate the war, as they are threatening, 2007 will be the year they receive another harsh lesson—about the anti-war convictions and combative spirit of working people.

Peace, Solidarity and Creativity in 2007,