A Solidarity Statement from the Women Occupying Wall Street to our Egyptian Sisters

We send our strongest support and solidarity to the thousands of women in Tahrir Square and across Egypt protesting the unacceptable violent assault of women protesters by the military. We are troubled, shocked, and outraged at images of a woman protester being beaten and stripped in the streets.

Systematic targeting, marginali-zation, silencing, and violence against women by anyone, especially the military authorities entrusted to protect us, are unacceptable. These tactics are brutal, criminal and dishonorable. We share your anger.

We recognize the brave women of Egypt and women around the world who risk their lives to protest unjust systems. Women are powerful and essential forces in revolutions. Your power and courage are incredibly inspiring to all women.

We send solidarity and encouragement to you in this honorable fight to protect women’s rights. We join you in outrage and support your fight for peace and justice. We stand united with all women of Egypt.

United, we will never be defeated.

Occupy Wall Street, December 27, 2011