Letters to the Editor

Comments on the Discussion:
What Must Be Done Next

By Joe Johnson

Dear Editors,

Nat Weinstein is certainly correct when he says:

“With world capitalism and its imperialist ruling classes facing the broadest and deepest economic crisis in world history, the relation of class forces is on its way toward shifting away from the ruling classes and castes, and towards the workers of the world and their natural allies coming together to fight for their common interests. This promises to become a tidal shift, of tsunami proportions, in the class relation of forces.”1

The permanent revolution is taking place world wide; and you and I in the United States are an important part of it.

In the 1930s labor took a giant step in going from craft unionism to industrial unionism. Today a new giant step is being taken. The union movement is now at a very low point in membership, leadership and strength. For over a quarter of a century it has been retreating. Here in Wisconsin the ruling class was ready to completely destroy the union movement. But now, as Nat has said, the tide has turned; the occupy movement has come to the aid of the union movement.

In unity they complement each other and they become unstoppable. They, in their unity, have the power to bring to birth world socialist society. They, in their unity, have the possibility, the power, to save the environment, the very earth itself and all that live on it from the destruction that capitalism is doing to it.

What is needed now—what the unity of the unions and the occupied movement lacks—is democracy. Not the democracy of voting; of Democrats, and Republicans; of congress; of capitalist law; and capitalist supreme courts—what is in reality the democratic dictatorship of the capitalist ruling class—not this. What is needed is a democratic dictatorship of the working class. Our job is to do it now.

—Chippewa Falls, WI, December 20, 2011

1”What Must Be Done Next,” By Nat Weinstein, Socialist Viewpoint, November/December 2011, Vol. 11, No. 6,

Capitalism on the Way Out

Letter to the Editors By Frank Roemhild

Dear Socialist Viewpoint,

Thank you for Socialist Viewpoint. It is very helpful in understanding the real reality of the world of capitalism and its continuing degeneration, taking millions down with it, here and everywhere.

It seems to me that this country has so much because so many elsewhere have had so little. Well, now, increasingly, we are having more and more “little” as those at the top have increasingly more.

And now G8/NATO in Chicago May 2012. My understanding of some of the past was the birth of private security forces—the Pinkertons, and State Security Forces, the Militia—to protect, ruthlessly, the private ownership of the means of social production, against the rising masses of the working class demanding a different approach to the means of production. This was here, in the United States. Now we have a global control of the means of production by the G8, with the security forces of NATO to maintain their control of the increasing resistance of the world’s working class. (Of course, the G8/NATO doesn’t include all the ownership of the means of production, but a good bit of it.)

In the late 1940s, when I was at a University in Chicago, a fellow classmate from a wealthy family said, “you have to keep the masses down.” That says it all; it seems to me, from the perspective of the owners and rulers.

What a force and absolute nonsense the politicians are again displaying. Obama is again beginning to promise things to be elected again.

And our petition-signing to recall our “fascist-like” governor, Walker, starts November 15. Our second, after him, is a woman, worse than he, I think, or just as idiotic.

—November 5, 2011, Wisconsin

Need to Learn More about Socialism

Letter to the Editors By Earl Elias, a New Subscriber

Stumbled across your magazine at the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco last month. Enjoyed it. Have always enjoyed being a tourist in your town. Need to learn more about socialism movement.

Becoming more and more disgusted with conventional unregulated capitalism. Reading everything I can get my hands on.

I’m a retired (I hope) Teamster truck driver, Local 81. Enjoy studying the socialist contributions throughout history, in general.

Am wondering why all of the various socialism factions do not consolidate a little bit more.

As long as they remain Balkanized, the corporate, capitalistic employer-class will continue laughing up its sleeve.

Thanks for a good read.

Earl Elias, Tigard, OR

—October 22, 2011