Hamas vs. Fatah: More Than Meets the Eye

United States

A Message from Lockport

By Gregg Shotwell

What Would Woody Say?

By Gregg Shotwell

Delphi: A Dead Oracle and a Dirty Verb

By Gregg Shotwell

From Workers’ Pockets to Money Changers’ Wallets

By Gregg Shotwell

Wage Cuts Help Delphi as Salaried Cuts Lag

By David Barkholz

Where from Here?

By Richard Myers

Canada: Strikes and Sit-Down Strikes

By Julian Benson and Alex Grant

Getting the US Out of Iraq-Some Reasons for Optimism

By Carole Seligman

Healthcare for Profit is Sicko

By Bonnie Weinstein

Election Theft Goes Global

By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Immigrants Pay their Share

By Brian Schwartz

How to Destroy an African American City in 33 Steps

By Bill Quigley

Black Nooses Hanging from the ‘White’ Tree

By Bill Quigley

Black Leadership and Black Mass Incarceration

By Bruce Dixon

Political Prisoner’s Page

Dead Soldiers & Dead Dreams

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

Changin’ Your Game Plan:
How to Use Incarceration as a Stepping Stone for Success

By Mumia Abu-Jamal


Arthur Leclair, 1951-2007

By David Walsh


We’re the US and We’re Here to Help Your Nation

By Paul Bouchheit

Planet Pentagon: How the Pentagon Came to Ownthe Earth, Seas, and Skies

By Nick Turse


How Hamas Turned on Palestine’s ‘Traitors’

By Peter Beaumont, Mitchell Prothero, Azmi Al-Keshawi and Sandra Jordan

Politicide and the Failure of the Two-State Solution

By Dr. Naseer Aruri

A Setback for the Bush Doctrine in Gaza

By Ali Abunimah

Welcome to ‘Palestine’

By Robert Fisk

The CIA and Fatah:
Spies, Quislings and the Palestinian Authority

By Mike Whitney


They Will Never Have Cuba

By Fidel Castro Ruz

The English Submarine

By Fidel Castro Ruz

Nobody Wants to Take the Bull by the Horns

By Fidel Castro Ruz

Gore Vidal on Cuba

Interview By Robert Scheer


Starving the Poor

By Noam Chomsky

Letters to the Editor