Letters to the Editor

Tonight I have been watching and listening to music posted by YouTube. The music includes old trade union classics such as “Which Side Are You On”; “Power in a Union”; and “Union Maid.” Some of this music has been posted on YouTube in the last fortnight. Also I saw Bruce Springsteen sing Pete Seeger’s album which was radical in name. Unfortunately I can’t remember the album name.

One song was shown on the ABC network. That was also posted on YouTube. Newly relaunched SDS was shown in “Power in a Union” slide. All this represents a mass radicalization against exploitation of workers and against racism caused by U.S. capitalism.

Middle-class elements are beginning to radicalize due to increased movements by millions of pro-immigrant demonstrators and there is an anticipation of a mass workers upsurge coming. There is also a massive movement to get U.S. troops out of Iraq.

In my opinion the right wing which had an ascendancy with the rise of Thatcherism and Reaganism has had its heyday. U.S. Imperialism’s mistakes in Iraq has not intimidated the world’s masses. It has done the opposite, provoking a rise in world revolution and deepened a radicalization within imperialist countries. What’s happening in America is impacting on world events.

Trotskyist greetings,

Anthony Brain

London, England

U.S. Hands off of Michael Moore!

Occasionally a human being stands up at all costs and risks attempting, like David, to slay a Goliath. Michael Moore did this by finishing a movie called Sicko about the health care for profit industry here in the U.S. Amazingly, he took a handful of 911 ground zero rescue workers to Cuba for treatment!

In retaliation for his audacity, the Treasury Department is levying charges against Michael Moore and those that traveled to Cuba with him. They want him to provide names and addresses.

Protecting this great man and those brave enough to participate in his film will be a priority for Socialists in the coming year.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Democratic Party that Michael Moore has supported even at the expense of his former friend Ralph Nader, will work behind the scenes derailing the Treasury Inquisition and inevitable punishment and fines that are sure to follow.

Yours for the revolution,

Brian Schwartz

Alexandria, MN