Taxpayers’ Overdue Debt

By Times of Change

Taxpayer overdue debt to the Greek State grew by another one billion euros in May for a total of 5.234 billion so far this year, according to official figures.

A survey by the General Secretariat of Public Revenue said that total overdue tax debt was 77.87 billion euros at the end of May.

The report said that a total of 571 million euros have been collected from new overdue tax debt (or 11.1 percent), another 870 million from previous debt, while another 300 million were characterized as non-collectable.

The Finance Ministry seeks to boost overdue tax collection and recently warned wealthy taxpayers with overdue debt that will face foreclosures and confiscations after the June 26 deadline.

The Ministry said that just 200 wealthy taxpayers—with overdue debt of more than one million euros each—have responded to a favorable payment term program offered by the Greek government, out of a total of approximately 6,500 in the country.

Times of Change, June 22, 2015