Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Ten Men, $1 Trillion, and the Personalization of American Capitalism

"Consumerism" and the Self-Destruct System of Capitalist Production.

The Tragedy of War.

From Ukraine to Palestine: The Poisons of Denialism.

Statement of the Russian Socialist Movement.

A Plea to My Western Progressive Friends: Stop Helping Putin with Your Conciliatory and Ambiguous Statements.

Netanyahu's Tactical Mistake.

Not on Our Dime!

Appeal of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivors

Death Outlives War

Biden is Selling Weapons to the World's Autocracies

Capitalist Decay and Child Gun Deaths

Big Food Raking in Huge Profits from Price Hikes

Amazon Fires Alabama Union Leader Who "Lit the Spark of the Current Rise of Labor Activism"

Railroad Workers United: "We Would Never Concede Our Right to Strike"

Atlanta Police Arrest Organizers of Bail Fund for Cop City Protesters

The Fate of the Labour Party

May '68 Rebellion in France-From Student Protests to General Strike

Haiti's Choice is Social Revolution or Foreign Intervention

U.S. Agents Detain Youth Returning from Cuba


Climate Change is Real and Getting Worse Fast

Book Review

Feminists Tell Their Own Stories

Incarceration Nation

Broken Windows and Broken Lives

Haiti, Hunger, and U.S. Prison Imperialism

Why We Work to Free Political Prisoners of the Black Power Era

Brazilian President Lula da Silva Calls for Freedom for Julian Assange

The Case of Steven Donziger

Greetings to the UN Delegation

Support Dr. Shakur

Cracks in the Abode of Death

Judge Clemons' White Mask

Arsenal of Marxism

Friedrich Engels and Primitive Communism

Free Ruchell Magee