Crisis in Haiti

The Foxes and the Wolves of the 21st Century

By Larry Pinkney

“The wolf and the fox are both enemies of humanity; both are canine; both humiliate and mutilate their victims. Both have the same objectives, but differ only in methods.” —Malcolm X (el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, Addis Ababa, July 17, 1964

The single most deadly calamity to have befallen black people throughout the globe in this 21st century can be found in the person of Barack Obama, that rhetorical and deadly fox in sheep’s clothing. Indeed, humanity as a whole is the unsuspecting prey of this current black-faced head of the bloody, avaricious, corporate U.S. Empire.

Long before the devastating physical earthquake struck the tiny black nation Haiti, the debilitating earthquake of slavery, colonization, and revised 21st century neo-colonization was unleashed upon the peoples of Haiti (and the world wide African Diaspora) by the United States, France, Canada, and its additional concomitant partners in deceit, greed, and economic, political, and social/cultural subjugation. It is this ongoing earthquake, which we must forthrightly and uncompromisingly also address. It is this ongoing earthquake that is shattering the very psychological, physical, and political existence of black people around the world.

In less than a historical heart beat the very meaning of the word Blackness has been distorted into definitively supporting the economic greed and bloodlust of the one percent of humankind that exploits the needs, hopes, and human rights of the rest of humanity. Nothing could be more despicable or dangerous to this planet collectively and Black people in particular.

Peace is now defined as unending war and economic exploitation. Hope is now defined as the endless pimping of the legitimate aspirations of the many, in service to the interests of the greedy few. The new watchword for the “terrorism” and exploitation by nation-states (particularly that of “America” and her allies) is cloaked in the false rhetoric of “national security” and “change.” As bloody, capitalist, imperialistic wars and military occupations are waged against the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Haiti (to name but a few)—all in the hypocritical and fleeting name of so called “democracy” and freedom—the many continue to die for the few.

The economic, political, and cultural exploitation of Africa has been intensified under the rhetorical veneer of some fake “progress” in the 21st century. Thanks to the subterfuge and greed of the filthy rich and their pawns, the masses of humanity have taken giant steps backwards. Much of the so-called black intelligentsia, in the United States and around the world have cynically joined the ranks of those who consciously and callously exploit humankind. This is wholly unacceptable.

Like a grinning Cheshire cat, U. S. President Barack Obama, on behalf of his corporate/military puppet masters, spins his political and rhetorical sorcery via a web of unending deceit and certain death against the every day people of the United States and the world.

The time is upon us to, without compromise or quarter, organize and speak truth to power. The time is at hand when the corporate/military elite must be exposed and confronted. We’ve nothing to lose but our political and economic chains, as our lives—whether we realize or acknowledge it or not—are already on the line. The question to be answered is whether we will give those lives as cannon fodder on behalf of the systemic gatekeepers or stand up as humans to put an end to this capitalist debauchery.

Capitalism is nothing more than systemic terrorism against the poor. We must actively choose to stand with humanity, not against it.

Onward sisters and brothers, for our tasks are at hand!, February 12, 2010