Incarceration Nation


By Torrey Real

“The most devious and efficient murder weapon ever devised by man is a judge and prosecutor forged together in a mutually sought corrupt purpose... Legal researchers have already reported on Pennsylvania’s corrupt judiciary. It is usually discovered either by those willing to do tedious research, or by its victims serving decades in prison.” —Kevin Brian Dowling, “The Walls of Jericho,” GRATERFRIENDS, September 2013.

I couldn’t have stated this better myself. What is the unique strength of this so-called power—the ability to destroy innocent people’s lives? That is the major question that everyone needs to look deeper into. For it is a complex mechanism of doubt. Doubt, that lies within the minds and hearts of everyone who has witnessed some part of this corrupt judiciary. It is amazing, how, there is such a thing that can make an innocent man appear guilty, then be treated as such; and in turn, allow a guilty man to get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, if that. Though, the defining aspect, is whether he’s privileged or unprivileged.

Some things, which play a part in being under-privileged are attributed to: poverty or class; race or ethnicity; lack of education; etc. However, this is not the point I want to touch on, for we all have a strong sense of how people get discriminated against. It’s no mystery! The aspect that I want to talk about, is the test of time, perception, and acquiescence that people have gravitated towards over the past few decades—with a “little” help from media propaganda—to the state that we now have today. In summary, I like to call it abandonment: the second, and equally damning face, to this two-headed beast.

Sadly, the victims of this corrupt judiciary, more often than not, come face-to-face with the second half of this conjoined monster, at one stage or another. Some experience it very early, when they look for their support during preliminary or trial stages. Some, after serving a particular amount of time, when the label of confinement becomes more and more attached to them—the point where abandonment really takes a bite out of your ass. For if your support dwindles down to nil, how does one recover?

No one knows the orphan as, Joe Blow, the 17-year-old guy that got railroaded at trial, anymore. Once substantial time has passed, you “metaphysically” (in the minds of onlookers) are perceived as, Freddy Kruger, the 33-year-old felon, who’s preaching the same ol’ song, that no one wants to take a chance of getting to know.

The corrupt judiciary is the modern day sorcerer, masquerading as the proverbial Sultan’s good natured advisor, with the power to cast enduring spells—taking advantage of the land’s paupers, and condemning as many as possible to the “cave of wonders.” The only question left, is: Where are the genies?

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