United National Antiwar Demonstrations Set for April 20th....2

By the Editors


Tyrants Tremble When Soldiers Say No!....3

By Nat Weinstein


Israelís Economy Continues to Slide...7

By Rod Holt


Europe Must Stop Parroting the Americans....9

By Robert Fisk


The Great Deception....11

By Howard Zinn


Whatís Wrong With ëBlack Hawk Downí?....12

By Brendan Sexton III


Tank Tactic Shocks Israel...14

By Jonathan Marcus


Palestinian Women Political Prisoners

Suffer Renewed Harassment....15

By The Womenís Affairs Technical Committee


Israelís Conscience....16

By Anne Karpf


Israeli Generals Back ëUnilateralí Withdrawal....17

By Lily Galili


ëIn Three Hours, I Heard 28 Missile Strikesí....19

By Phil Reeves


Hundreds of Palestinians

Storm Hebron Prison....20

By Khalid Amayreh


I Watched a Soldier Shoot at Children....21

By Lucy Winkett


Witnesses Say Israeli Police Executed a Boy...22

By Ahmad Sub Laban


Of Dogs and Fleas....24

By Conn Hallinan


Two Israeli Soldiers

Explain Why They Said No!....25

By Tal Belo and Asaf Oron


OK George, make with the friendly bombs....29

By Terry Jones



By The Popular Front for the

Liberation of Palestine

US Targets Saddam:

Plans for War Against Iraq This Year.... 33

By Julian Borger and Ewen MacAskill


Unions Protest Israeli Bombing

of Palestine Union Headquarters....35

Bob Mattingly


Capitalism: Death, Destruction,

and Deception....36

By Ann Robertson


Prosecutionís Case Against

Mumia Abu-Jamal Crumbles....40

By Carole Seligman


The Imperial Exception to Law...42

By Mumia Abu-Jamal


When Nations Attack....43

By Mumia Abu Jamal


Why Kmart Filed for Chapter 11

Bankruptcy Protection....44

By Martin Schreader


Steel Union Head Hopes

for a Seat at the Bossesí Table....48

By Charles Walker


Argentine Workers Assembly

Takes Big Step forward....50

By Jordi Martorell


New Report on Cubaís Successful

Organic Farms....54

By Food First/Institute for Food

and Development Policy


From the Arsenal of Marxism

The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation....55

By A. Leon


Book Review

Revolutionary Songs:

Hard-Hitting Songs for Hard-hit People....61

By Charles Walker