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May 2004 • Vol 4, No. 5 •

Happy Birthday Mumia!

By Bonnie Weinstein

This brutal, U.S. occupation, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi people, must be stopped. The people of Iraq are showing the world that, like the Vietnamese, they are not going to give up until the U.S. is driven out of their land! And like the war in Vietnam, there is no solution to this quagmire except the immediate and complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops-including all their mercenary armies and police.

Bay Area United Against War joins with ANSWER to call an emergency mass protest for Saturday, June 5th, 2004. Everyone gather at 11am at UN Plaza to demand:

Bring The Troops Home Now!

All Foreign Troops Out Of Iraq!

End The Colonial Occupation Of Palestine!

Support The Right Of Return!

U.S. Out Of Haiti, Afghanistan, Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Korea & Cuba!

Money For Jobs, Education, Housing And Healthcare—Not For War!

Defend Civil Liberties And Civil Rights!

No U.S. Aid To Israel, Not One More Dime!

Thursday evening I watched film on TV from an “embedded” ABC reporter during an assault on Falluja. It was an “up close and personal” view of American troops armed to the teeth shooting at everything and anything that moved. Homes in the background were filled with giant shell holes.

Our immediate goal is to bring home U.S. troops sent to kill and be killed in Iraq by the bipartisan U.S. capitalist government! Stop turning our sons and daughters into killing machines! Withdraw all American troops now!

The billions of dollars our greedy and bloodthirsty government is spending on the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and on support for Israel-as well as wreaking havoc on innocent people-is draining all social and human services. In addition to massive war-funding, they spend money on prisons occupied only by the poor; to hire more cops; carry out illegal spying; deportations; surveillance; and to prosecute freedom fighters like Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier and the recently released, Farouk Abdel-Muhti, who spent two years behind bars, in isolation and beaten, for doing nothing but saying exactly what he thinks. That’s what our government means by democracy and freedom! They’re even planning to bring back the draft—and they’re going to draft our sons and daughters equally! That’s what they mean by “equal rights!”

And where is this money coming from to finance all of this? Not from America’s billionaire corporations—two thirds of which pay no taxes at all—but from the great majority who produce the nation’s wealth but are systematically denied the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Everyone Out June 5th! Meet At U.N. Plaza At 11am!





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