Socialist ViewPoint and analysis for working people

May/June 2005 • Vol 4, No. 5 •

Fund Drive Report

Dear Readers, While we received a positive response to our appeal for funds it has fallen short of the $1800.00 more per month needed to continue publishing Socialist Viewpoint on a monthly basis. We received additional pledges toward our goal of $1260 per month. For the time being, with the increase we did receive we will add pages to subsequent issues as we did to the May/June issue. We realize that the steady increase in the cost of living affects all of us and we are sincerely grateful for your continued support in these hard times. We will continue to include the most up-to-date world and movement news and include more substantial theoretical articles throughout as well as in the Arsenal of Marxism section. We want to take this opportunity to encourage readers to contribute articles and ideas that will help further the socialist alternative.

A reader, old friend and comrade, Joe Johnson, likened our situation to a childhood experience in rural Wisconsin. The men and boys of his family and the community he lived in went to the creek in early spring to break up the ice. It was hard work in the brutal cold air. He did this year after year and on one particularly cold and bitter day he asked his uncle why they did this since in the spring, the creek would melt anyway. His uncle told him, “…but this way, the creek will flow the way we want it to.” His point, of course, was to draw an analogy between the work of breaking up the ice and spreading socialist ideas—both take community and cooperation and both are beneficial to the community at large. In solidarity,

The Editors

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