Put the Backbone Back in the UAW

Delphi executives continue to collect multi million dollar bonuses for fraud and incompetence. GM admits it can ’t keep its books straight but insists workers must be more competitive. Ford is rolling out bonuses to reward record-breaking concessions from the UAW. And Chrysler wants to jump on the bandwagon so they ’re hustling to cover up twelve consecutive quarters of profit. When their lips move they lie.


Do we want to be a union that bargains for concessions?

Do we want to be a union that breaks promises to retirees?

Do we want to be a union that negotiates wage cuts for new hires?

Do we want to be a union that bends work rules and enforces speedups?

Do we want to be a union divided by competition and whipsawed into submission?

Do any of us believe that cooperation with the corporate agenda is good solid unionism?

Reject two tier wages. New hires are the future of the union.

Reject the exploitation of temps. There is no seniority date for equality.

Reject COLA Diversion. It’s an underhanded wage cut.

Reject the whipsawing competition that divides our union and undermines collective bargaining. Solidarity is not negotiable.

Demand that GM be held accountable for Delphi retirees who honestly earned their pension credits and aren ’t responsible for GM-Delphi ’s fraudulent business plan.

Demand that the accrued vested benefits of retirees including the annual cost of living improvement are restored in full. Our commitment to retirees is a sacred trust.

Demand open door bargaining, full disclosure, and adequate time for deliberation between contract information meetings and ratification votes.

Restore the principles that won respect for the UAW: Solidarity, Equality, Democracy.

Join with Soldiers Of Solidarity as we advocate for a return to our union roots at the UAW Bargaining Convention at Cobo Hall in Detroit, March 27 and 28, at 9 a.m.

Put the Backbone Back in the UAW