United States

Vittorio Arrigoni,
A Fallen Palestinian Hero

By Amer Jubran

On Friday April 15, 2011 a criminal group with ties to the Israeli Mossad and Saudi intelligence abducted and executed 36 year-old pro-Palestinian, Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

One does not need to know much about Vittorio Arrigoni to express admiration for him. This Italian traveled far from home, subjected himself to serious Israeli military threats, and went through the quandaries of the deposed Egyptian regime of Mubarak to come to help the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. He resided in impoverished Gaza for over three years, rather than indulge in life in much more prosperous cities in Italy.

However, his biggest battle was to accept defending Palestinians who believe in and practice armed resistance. This acceptance is hard to obtain in the face of defamation carried out by European official policy and media in support of Israel and Israel’s massive crimes against the Palestinians. In one picture, Vittorio wrote in Arabic on his arm “Long Live the Resistance.” Many western activists defend Palestinians on the basis of “human rights” and say they are for “peace between Palestinians and Israelis.” Very few of them support the Palestinians’ right to armed resistance. But Vittorio supported the Palestinian resistance by going to its headquarters—Gaza.

This cowardly execution comes at a time of Israeli military escalation against Gaza. Such escalation is intended to let Israelis practice their favorite habit of killing Palestinians, re-establish awareness about its might, intimidate the resistance, and send a bloody message to international activists that Israel will repeat itself if any new vessels sail to Gaza.

The direct result of this attack on our Italian brother is to declare:

  • •Gaza is not a safe place
  • •Palestinians are not faithful to those who support them
  • •Islamic values and Islamic humanity are questionable

Palestinians do not have to feel defensive, as our loss is Vittorio himself. His blood has fallen on the soil of Gaza, which makes him a true Palestinian martyr. In the long history of this struggle, thousands of Palestinians have been killed at the hands of collaborating Arabs and Palestinians to benefit Israel.

Rest in peace brother, as the resistance will avenge your killing.

—April 16, 2011