Behind Bars

Letters to the Editor

April 11, 2011

Dear Editor:

The occupation starts at home...and spreads abroad was the perfect graphic for the article on torture. “Abu Ghraib Comes to Amerika: Torture Unit Under Construction in Virginia’s Remote Red Onion State Prison,” by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, gives us a brief history of the development of torture by shutting out environmental stimulation. How the U.S. military and the CIA used advanced torture methods to produce psychotic breakdowns. This fine article shows us that the major purpose of torture is to destroy the mind of the prisoner—to break him or her.

The Army was deeply involved in developing of a torture method “Made in the U.S.” This is because it needs to “break” all its new recruits. They are reduced, by way of mental breakdown so their natural resistance to self-destruction can be destroyed. They are reduced to the mentality of a junkyard dog. The Army had already made an art of this process. What the secret police—the CIA—added, was speed and the need to keep it secret.

Thank you for the great article!

With warm comradely greetings,

Joe Johnson, Chippewa Falls, WI

Revolutionary greetings! I definitely agree that the people/masses need to be wakened from their deep sleep and become conscious of what’s happening around us and in the world, especially what the U.S. government is doing!

I’ve been reading your magazine for about two to three months...and believe me; I have been enlightened by Socialist Viewpoint in more than one way, that’s definitely helpful to my fight and struggle.

I’ve been locked-down for a little over four years now, and pretty much have been a communist all my life (for as long as I can remember). I’ve been conscious of the racist, oppressive, and imperialistic ways of the U.S. government for about three years now, and will do any and all I have to put a stop to the madness that leaves us on the bottom, and prevents us from raising even a little.

Keep the fight alive and continue to help the fight against oppression multiply!

All Power to the People!


Comrade Top