Fifteen Dollars an Hour Now!

February 18, 2014

Dear Editor,

When you are the anvil bear; when you are the hammer strike. The working class is now the hammer and it needs to strike; it needs not to bear any longer the hammer blows of the capitalists. We are at the tipping point, now is the time for us to act or be defeated. The consciousness of the working class is such that they are starting to move. The protests, strikes and marches have moved from the tens to the hundreds and now to the thousands. What just a few years ago was a reform is now a transitional demand that needs a change in the social system to be granted. The ruling class is divided; one section says the new bigger blows need be given to the workers immediately, their wages cut more, their unions destroyed, their force reduced; another section says, yes, but not right now and not in big blows, but rather in time and softer. Their division is not in what, but how and when.

We cannot wait to see how the capitalists resolve their method differences. A hammer blow we can deliver now is to fight for a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage for all. Thousands of workers are ready to fight for this now. It has the potential of moving hundreds-of-thousands into the streets soon. The hammer blows for the $15 minimum needs to continue and to become stronger.

Today I saw an odd saying, “We deserve better, workers assembly.” Yes, yes, we do and that is how we will get solidarity and unity by having better workers assemblages. We can do it and do it now. We can have assemblies from many groups, from many backgrounds, with different programs and agendas; but all who are willing to unite and work to strike out against the capitalists and defend themselves, are those who will use the hammer.

With warmest comradely greetings, we shall win!

—Joe Johnson