Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Ukraine Introduction

Workers On the Move!

Russia and Ukraine

Stop Russia's War Machine Now!

We Still Need Anti-Imperialism

Stop Putin's War!

War Criminals of the World Spilling the People's Blood

Invasion and War in the Ukraine

How the Left Should Respond to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Russian Troops Out Now! For Ukraine's Independence!

The Lie of American Innocence

The Left Must Recognize Russian Imperialism in Ukraine

Einstein and the Billionaire Dogs of War

The War in Ukraine: U.S. and Russia Out Now!

Before the War

Molotov Cocktails and the Media's Double Standard

The Workers Have Spoken!

How We Did It

Let Us Now Praise Courageous Men and Women

Minneapolis Teachers Strike

Incarceration Nation

Blood in the Clenched Fist Alliance (2022)

The Marriage of Julian Assange

UK Supreme Court Refuses Assange Appeal

Plea Bargaining is a Travesty

Letters to the Editors


Arsenal of Marxism

The Right of Nations to Self-Determination

Outrage as Judge Approves Julian Assange's Extradition to the U.S.