U.S. and World Politics

War Criminals of the World Spilling the People’s Blood

By Dr. Nayvin Gordon

President Biden has called President Putin a war criminal. Noam Chomsky has called all U.S. presidents since 1945, war criminals.1

War Crimes are defined in the Geneva Accords of 1954, which the U.S. refused to sign.

The U.S. refused to recognize the International Criminal Court, the body that sets trials for war crimes.

Presidents/leaders of modern profit-driven economies have been committing war crimes and spilling the blood of civilians for decades, in the process spewing propaganda, nationalism, fabrications, and lies as they fight over resources and workers to exploit. The presidents/leaders of the U.S., NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Russia, and France are only some examples. Biden, in bed with other presidents and leaders, has overseen the deaths of millions of civilians in wars of aggression. None of these leaders has been brought to justice for war crimes. The U.S. is infamous for its war crimes and wanton criminal destruction of civilians: atomic bombs in Japan, napalm in Vietnam, white phosphorous in Fallujah, Iraq, bombardment and dismemberment of Yugoslavia, mass torture in the prison of Abu Ghraib, and catastrophic destruction in Afghanistan have killed and maimed millions.

The U.S. has repeatedly violated the statute of Nuremberg the international law obligatory for all members of the United Nations.

“The U.S. has actively obstructed, subverted, refused and/or violated virtually every articulated/articulatable element of international legality over the past half-century.” Far from a democratic peace-loving country the U.S. “has not experienced a time when it was actually ‘at peace’ since its inception. Each and every year for the past 226 years, the U.S. military has been in action somewhere…” (On the Justice of Roosting Chickens, by Ward Churchill, 2003)

As the profit-driven war criminals fight for more riches, we the people can instead fight to rid ourselves of the criminal economic system of militarism, oppression, and exploitation by building international solidarity and cooperation—to create an egalitarian world society.