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Solidarity Rally

Saturday November 18th 2006, 3 to 5 PM
Peoria Public Library Main Branch
107 N.E. Monroe Peoria, IL. 61602

We invite all SOS, Future of the Union, Solidarity Now! Members for CHANGE! Factory Rat, LAWS. INC., UAW, IBB, IBEW, USW, St. Louis, Kokomo, Dayton, Grand Rapids, Kansas City, Decatur, Canton, Peoria, Kalamazoo, Flint, East Lansing, St. Paul, Bettendorf, Champaign, Bellvedere.

Union and Non-Union. New Hires!! Retirees!! Full Wage!! all these different divisions the corporations are creating. It is time to join together! Join other workers at this rank and file Solidarity Rally bringing ordinary people together to build the true power in the labor movement—the rank and file.

Open comments from the floor for the speakers to hear and answer. These stories will help open the eyes of many. If you don’t believe it is time for a change—and we have to change— you will after this event.

Featured speakers:

Rank and file member of UAW Local 364 will tell the story of an isolated struggle and pathetic lack of leadership or assistance.

Leroy Mcknight General Motors retiree who filed a class action suit to restore retiree benefits.

New members are asked to speak especially those on a lower tier wage system!

Calling ALL dissidents

I frequently see the headlines reading “dissident group meets for this or that.” What is a dissident? Webster’s New American Dictionary defines dissident as follows “disagreeing especially with an established religious or political system.”

Do we really disagree with the established system? UAW International Constitution Article 2 Section 1: “To improve working conditions, creating a uniform system of shorter hours, higher wages, health care and pensions; to maintain and protect the interests of workers under the jurisdiction of this International Union.”

Does anyone disagree with that? I don’t.

If we have followed Bill Hanlines “The Constitutional Death Of The UAW” we know that certain agreements appear to be in conflict with this constitutional mandate. So if the established articles of the Constitution we agree with then it is not us the membership who are dissidents but the entrenched GOBs [Good Old Boys].

At any rate I still wear the title as a badge of honor I hope everyone else does. Wasn’t the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a dissident, wasn’t Rosa Parks, how about George Washington, Walter Reuther, Victor, Roy? Thank God for the dissidents.

Will we get in trouble for doing this? The question is will we not be in bigger trouble if we don’t? We might get charged with inciting democracy! Good Union brother or sister, or friend of labor not only do you have the Constitution of the United States of America to back you up but you also have the Constitution of the UAW International. This is what the UAW International Constitution says: In the preamble it states: “The precepts of democracy require that workers through their union participate meaningfully in making decisions affecting their welfare and that of the communities in which they live.” Additionally the conclusion of the preamble states as follows, “Union members must take seriously their responsibilities as citizens and work, through their union and individually, to realize the goals of participatory democracy and responsible and accountable government.” Is this the United States or Iraq?

Who exactly needs to be liberated here? America is a Union—“We the people in order to form a more perfect UNION!” If you agree with Solidarity, democratic rank and file control and an informed mobilized and empowered rank and file with community support we are in agreement! No Dissent with these basic Union values!

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We do not promote the secession from any union but we believe that a labor movement revival will take place through open communication and membership involvement in the rank and file!

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