Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Victory in the Steps Towards a Socialist World

Election Victories for Socialist Alternative

I Almost Voted For a Socialist

Funny How Everything’s Gone Left

What Is To Be Done Now

The Killers of Children

Syria, Descent Into Barbarism

The Crisis In Trade Unionism

AFL-CIO: No Solidarity Charters for ILWU

Letter of Disaffiliation with AFL-CIO

Tear the Gallows Down

The Myths Behind Public-Employee Pension Reform

Fast-Food Giants Make Billions

Traitors to the Ruling Class

How Much Does a CEO Make?

The Myth of Executive Stress

The Wealthy ‘Make Mistakes,’ The Poor Go to Jail

Overpopulation Is Not the Problem

Five Precedents for Understanding Egypt’s July Coup

Washington Action Against NSA Spying


Gulf Ecosystem in Crisis Three Years After BP Spill

Critical Issues Deserve a Higher Standard


Fukushima’s Radiation Gusher

Incarceration Nation

Healing Wounds of Injustice

Fearing for Tom Turkey

Message to the National Lawyers Guild

Statement to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Classism in America

Wasted Minds

Message from the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

Message from Pelican Bay Reps to Juan Méndez

The New Jim Crow Program, Thriving in Texas!


Trayvon Martin: Who’s to Blame?

Herman Wallace Wins Release and Dies 3 Days Later

Free Lorenzo Johnson, Now!


Six by Mumia Abu Jamal

Cat’s Cries

Cat Back (In Court)

Herman Wallace: Revolutionary

Boots and Brutes on the Ground

Shutdown: Method to the Madness

The Walking Dead

Additional Stories

A Note Concerning My Military Career

Postal Workers Need to Build a ‘Grand Alliance’

Should We Abandon WikiLeaks Whistle-Blower Pvt. Manning?


Excerpts of a Letter from a Texas Prisoner