Incarceration Nation

The New Jim Crow Program, Thriving in Texas!

By Keith “Comrade Malik” Washington

News Flash! The GOP says voter ID law protects the state from fraud in the Texas election process. My question is, “What fraud?” Do you realize how aggressively I.C.E. and the Department of Homeland Security have been going after undocumented workers and deporting them? Texas has some of the most dedicated, persistent, and zealous law enforcement officers in the nation. This is fact, not fiction. So, you mean to tell me a person who is in the country illegally is going to risk everything just to fraudulently vote in Texas? I’m not buying it! In Harris County, where Houston Texas is located we have racist Tea party groups like The King Street Patriots who harass and intimidate legal voters in Texas because they might “look like” an immigrant. The Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is trying to convince us his support of voter ID is all about fraud. Sorry Mr. Abbot, something is not adding up here.


Why is the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and the GOP in Texas so intent on fighting the U.S. Department of Justice in regards to voter ID? The answer: rapidly changing demographics. Texas is becoming more culturally diverse and more “colorful.”

Considering the horrible track record Texas Republicans have with governing minorities who live in Texas, they clearly see their “grip” on the “reins of power” loosening. It may not happen overnight, but it is inevitable; Texas will be Blue one day in the future. The entire voter ID and redistricting map fiasco is an obvious ploy by Abbott and “Friends” to obstruct, deny, and suppress the minority vote and “voice” of Texans who vote overwhelmingly Democrat. So, Attorney General Abbott’s strategy is clear for those who have eyes that can see.

Attorney General Abbott was quoted recently as saying, “The filing of endless litigation in an effort to obstruct the will of the people of Texas is what we have come to expect from Attorney General Eric Holder.” Well now, isn’t that “the pot calling the kettle black!” Do you realize Texas Attorney General Abbott has filed 28 lawsuits against the Obama Administration costing Texas taxpayers over $4 million dollars? Who is really trying to obstruct the people’s will here utilizing taxpayer dollars to carry on a bigoted personal vendetta?

No other state Attorney General in the U.S. has initiated this many federal lawsuits against the Obama administration in this short amount of time. So, I pose the question to Attorney General Greg Abbott: Are you a closet racist and bigot who is trying to mask your ulterior agenda of revisiting Jim Crow upon the citizens of Texas? Inquiring minds want to know. Your actions speak volumes Mr. Abbott. Voila! You are unmasked and disrobed. We see you for what you are! Sheriff Bull Connor. Governor George Wallace and the White Supremacist David Duke all rolled into one.

Dare to struggle, dare to win! All power to the people!

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