Incarceration Nation

Cat Back (In Court)

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

For Lorenzo “Cat” Johnson, the last year, spent in prison, has been long, and torturous, for it came after almost six months in freedom, at home, with the woman and family he loves.

It came after the Supreme Court, in a dismissive per curiam unchallenged, unsigned opinion, reversed his order of freedom from the majority of a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

From the sweet bed of freedom with his wife and family, to the cold brick walls and steel bunk of prison—Humph!

Now, his lawyers have filed a new challenge in two courts, simultaneously. Filing in state and federal courts, his lawyers have torn the state’s chief witness to shreds, proving—with police affidavits—that the story she told naming him from Day One, was a concoction, a fabrication, a lie from the start—and every cop and prosecutor involved in his case knew it—from the day of his arrest!

Indeed, by re-investigating his case the lawyers found, not just a treasure trove of new and important witnesses, but startling evidence that strongly suggests that the state’s “star” witness—a notorious crack addict known throughout the Harrisburg drug world as a fiend—may have lied because she may have played a central role in the murder of Tarajal Williams—a local, small time drug salesman.

In fact, Cat’s entire case is predicated on police intimidation and prosecutorial deals with witnesses—those who could’ve proved not only that he was innocent—but innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt.

That’s because on the night Tarajal Williams was killed, Cat wasn’t in Harrisburg. He wasn’t even in Pennsylvania.

But cops and prosecutors have the tools of intimidation in their hands—prison. And using such tools, they can twist witnesses like pretzels. They can, literally, make them say anything.

And they did.

But now, the case is fast unraveling, like wet toilet paper.

Cat is back in —stronger than ever., September 8, 2013

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