Incarceration Nation

Boots and Brutes on the Ground

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

While the U.S. arms so-called rebels in Syria, it is replicating the efforts undertaken decades ago in Afghanistan, with the same predictable results.

These efforts of regime change, in addition to being violations of international law, are also doorways to blowback, for the madmen you unleash today, may turn on you tomorrow.

The U.S., born into a “new nation” (in Lincoln’s words) from Civil War, should think long and hard before interfering in the civil wars of others. At the same time that the U.S. disarms one side of the war (the Syrian government), it arms the other (the so-called rebels).  

How is that fair?

By doing so, the U.S. stirs the pot of instability, causing more turmoil in Syria, weakening it, in service to its client-state, Israel.

These so-called humanitarian interventions now premised on promises of “no boots on the ground,” are but neo-liberal masks to hide the true face of imperialism, to control, exploit, to devour other nations for their wealthy, elite benefactors.

To cross borders with malevolent intent is an act of war.  To arm belligerents in another country is an act of war.  To bomb citizens of another country is an act of war.

“Boots on the ground” is just a quaint phrase, meant to cover the other forms of war.

What are drones but weapons of war, bomb-dropping machines of immense destruction? How would Americans react if a foreign country bombs a neighborhood in this county?  Would they just shrug it off?

You know the answer.

But Americans can bomb others, drone cities, and replace governments on a whim, all the while with the sweet assurance that there are no “boots on the ground.”

Just as sure as sunrise, the rebels of today will turn their enmity toward the U.S., and teach, once again, the meaning of blowback., September 22, 2013