Letters to the Editor

Excerpts of a Letter from a Texas Prisoner

To the Editors:

Today at 45 years old I am one of the most outspoken and despised prisoners in Texas. I love my Jewish heritage and I love my Islamic roots. Nevertheless, I refuse to be held hostage by my faith. I am a member of the human race and to me socialism has the potential to provide the needs of the people. All the people.

I was truly impressed with my first issue of Socialist Viewpoint magazine. 

Texas is definitely pulling every dirty trick they can think of to silence the revolutionary voices they hold captive in their Gulags. They would love to break our “spirit,” but I refuse to be broken!

I cannot thank you enough for the support you give all political prisoners.

We are in this fight against imperialism together and that is what matters right now!

Salaam and Shalom,