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Delphi Problems Outsourced to Psychic Hotline

By Gregg Shotwell

Delphi Coopersville, a Fuel injector plant that always made a bundle of money and at one time produced 30 percent of all the fuel injectors in the world is spiraling down like all the rest of Delphi.

The exodus of retirees and transfers is taking a toll on quality and production.

Crates of parts were returned from China because they were oversize. No surprise. Screw machine operators have not been allowed to transfer or retire because they are the only people in North America who do that particular type of machining. They aren’t pleased. They want out now. Apparently the trainees aren’t catching on too fast. But what do they expect? $14 and no benefits is too low to attract experienced screw machine ops.

There are serious fears about fuel injector failures in the field. That is, in vehicles that have already been sold. The best engineers have left for greener pastures, as have the trades, job setters, and more experienced operators. So problem solving has been outsourced to the psychic hotline. You think I’m kidding?

Trainees are training trainees.

Of the thirty new hires (permanent status not temp) hired in January 2006, fifteen quit.

This week some workers from Rochester NY are coming in to observe our dysfunction because most of our machinery will be transferred there. A couple days walking around should suffice to teach them all they need to know.

Last Friday a super asked me for advice. They couldn’t power up a robot. I opened and closed the door and hit the power button. Then I explained safety procedures because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Then I shut it down for Machine Repair because the shuttle was loose. The bearings were shot.

It isn’t funny anymore. It’s disgusting. Someone is going to get hurt.

We have four contracts. (1) The traditional contract. (2) The Supplemental contract for permanent new hires. (3) The contract for temps. And (4) The contract which they won’t show us and which supercedes all other contracts.

I can’t stand going to work anymore. I have to get out of there.