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The Obama Delusion

Notes on the Debt Ceiling Debate Scam

My Thoughts on The Debt Ceiling Debate Scam

How Dracula Hedge Funds Are Sucking Us Dry

Pelican Bay and Tottenham: Lessons Learned


Legal Crime

Collective Bargaining or Criminal Conspiracy?

“I Am the Rouge”

Will Auto’s Three-Tier Wages Be On the Table?

Labor Witchhunts and Their Effects in California

Why Governor Walker Attacked the Teachers

Wal-Mart Swallows the Supreme Court

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Democrats and Labor: A Murder-Suicide Pact

It’s Too Late To Save The Obama Administration

BART and the New Era of Censorship

The FBIs Next Generation Identification

A National Call to Action

The Military as a Jobs Program

Nero’s Fire

The Real Reason Big Macs Are Cheaper


England: Working Class Youth Erupt in Anger

What Next?

Feral Capitalism Hits the Streets

Stand With African Workers in Britain!

The True Heroes of NATO’s War

The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya

Sweet and Lowdown on Libyan Liberation

Dash for Profit in Post-War Libya Carve-Up

Killing the Truth: NATO War Crimes in Libya

Egypt’s New Regime Rules With an Iron Fist

World Food Program in Somailia

The Communist Party of China at 90


A Message from Japan

Nuclear Energy—A Worker’s Point of View

Behind Bars

Bradley Manning and the Rosenberg Case

Prison Slave Labor

Supermax Prisons: 21st Century Asylums

Messages of Solidarity to the People of Japan

An Interview with Lynne Stewart

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Dying for Sunlight

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Mad in the Middle East

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On Nuclear Power: An Answer to Chris Kinder

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The Arsenal of Marxism

Twenty Years After the Fall: Leon Trotsky Speaks