Table of Contents


Capitalism’s ‘Modest Proposal’


The Left, Imperialism and the Syrian Revolution

Syria: Understanding the Revolutionary Process

South Africa’s Unfinished Revolution and the Massacre at Marikana

Massacre of Marikana Miners

Striking Miners Get Heroes’ Welcome in Madrid

Shooting at the Gurdwara

Siege Leaves 80 Percent of Gaza’s Factories Shut

Julian Assange Speaks

Wall Street’s Africa Land Grab

Chicago Teachers Strike

Behind the Chicago Teachers Strike

Against Obama’s “Race To The Top”

Chicago’s Social Justice High School

Public Schools, Private Equity And Venture Capital

U.S. Labor and Politics

The ILWU Longshore Struggle in Longview

Defend the Right to Strike

Sizzling Summer in Detroit

The Poverties of a Decaying System

Drones, Technology and the Quest for Peace

Actions Against U.S. Wars Abroad October 5-7!

Police Violence in Buffalo

Incarceration Nation

U.S. is the Worst Police State in the World

The Secret Scheme To Sabotage Abu-Jamal

Trayvon and the War Against Us

Innocent But Wearing Guilty Clothes

Death Sentence by Another Name

Why I’d Vote for the SAFE California Act

Sophie’s Choice 2012

Plantation Nation

Courts Should Stop Jailing People for Being Poor

Bradley’s Unlawful, Brutal Treatment

Solitary Confinement as Torture

Old Jim Crow Inside Oregon Prisons

A Move to Free the Cuban Five

Lynne Stewart Needs Our Support

Letters to the Editor

A Request for Knowledge

“How the Spanish Mercantile Empire Paved the Way for Modern Capitalism”

Arsenal of Marxism

Trotsky’s Testament

Cuba and World Socialist Revolution