Double-Down Wars

By Bonnie Weinstein

The crises in Egypt and Syria shows what’s going on around the globe. In the midst of mass uprisings against austerity and injustice, against the all-out war against workers everywhere, with the U.S. in the lead, the world capitalist class is in war with each other. The goal for all of them is financial and military dominance over the masses of workers and ownership of the natural resources in every land. The cannon fodder for both wars—the war against workers and the war between the capitalists is the same—the workers themselves. Capitalism is a lose-lose situation for us.

U.S. out of everywhere!

The bourgeois mass media’s job is to back-up the U.S. government’s interventions in the internal affairs of other countries by confusing, misdirecting and concealing the real causes of the strife and bloodshed.

The U.S. government headed by President Obama, does its best to encourage sectarian fighting and aid destabilization in nation after nation in their quest for global command of capital.

Encouraging sectarian strife gives them the excuse to intervene under the cover of “stopping the violence,” or “bringing democracy,” etc. Unfortunately, the way they do it is to target and kill anyone who voices any opposition to the root cause of oppression and injustice—capitalism.

One need only be a suspected “terrorist,” be it Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas or even gang-members at any state penitentiary, jail or ghetto in the U.S., and your death sentence has already been signed by the President of the most powerful and wealthy country in the world.

Obama, his armies and police forces, can kill anyone with impunity, while being unable to do anything about killers like Zimmerman getting away with the cold-blooded murder of the unarmed seventeen-year-old Treyvon Martin, just making his way back to his dad’s house; with candy and soda still clutched in his hand as he lay dead.

Resistance is growing

Make no mistake about it; the commanders of capital are reacting to a much bigger phenomenon—masses of workers across the globe rising in fury against the war of austerity and injustice being waged against them, with the U.S. at their lead. This rage will not go away, because capitalism has no choice but to gouge us more and more. Everyone’s living standards are plummeting while the wealthy are vastly increasing their wealth. Every one of us from Tahrir Square to Oakland has that fact learned!

The need for a clear,
anti-capitalist perspective

In the midst of the seeming chaos of the world in crisis is the utter failure of the capitalist system to bring justice, peace and equality to the masses of working people, let alone true democracy and freedom from want.

This realization is fermenting and growing in fits and starts right now. But it will grow. It has no choice because capitalists everywhere have lighted the fire. They have no choice but to wage war and increase oppression in their continued struggle for dominance. Our only choice is to target our enemy—the capitalist system—and claim our right to understand them for the despots they really are and control our own lives by disarming and dethroning them.

The need for a world view

In this issue of Socialist Viewpoint we are featuring a series of articles on Egypt and two on Syria that reveal the global failure of capitalism to solve the world economic crisis that steals from the poor to give to the rich. The fight against new “austerity” measures, i.e., austerity for the poor and plenty for the rich, is at the root of struggle everywhere.

We hope these articles will inform and help the reader to understand. The struggle against capitalism is a world struggle for the right of workers to rule our own destiny. The struggle against capitalism and for the establishment of socialism is the only chance we have to survive capitalism’s double-down wars.