Incarceration Nation

1-2-3 Fergusons

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

For over a week, the media and millions of viewers and readers have been focused on the ever-changing events of Ferguson, Missouri, where a local teenager, Michael Brown, was shot to death by a white cop.

What has been consistent, and un-changing, has been the level of outrage among Black Ferguson residents—men and women who have resisted every attempt to silence or sidetrack their efforts.

Their efforts?

 To achieve the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the white cop (Darrel Wilson) who shot and killed Mike Brown.

They are fueled by fury, and a long train of police repression.

They haven’t let anything—promises, provocations, politicians or police—turn them away from their objective.

The System has used weapons of war; sniper rifles; armored personnel carriers; submachine guns and other implements of military violence to intimidate the people; to threaten the people; to silence the people.

 They only continued their marches for justice for Mike Brown.

They faced sweet talking politicians promising peace; police with dark faces promising protection; preachers praying for placidity—and they kept on marching.

They were threatened with arrests if they broke curfew; and received the acrid rain of tear gas—and they kept on marching.

Marching for justice for Mike Brown.

A reporter for a national cable outlet asked five teens clad in baseball hats and bright red bandanas to identify themselves.

 One by one, they announced their names: Mike Brown.

They were all Mike Brown.

As they marched past fear, they are indeed Mike Brown.

As are all., August 17, 2014