Letters to the Editors

Dear Editors,

Michael Brown was murdered and it was premeditated murder in the first degree; yes, and it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt! The motive is the same motive for the killing of hundreds of Black men—the need to keep the former slaves oppressed.

The murder was not assassination, for although Brown was a potential leader at 18-years-old, he wasn’t one yet. Soon, however, the U.S. government will need to begin assassinations of the leaders who oppose them.

Assassination has become one of the favorite methods of the U.S. ruling class and is fully approved by both political parties, the media and the well-paid intellectuals. It is the accepted tactic for a small, stupid, dying ruling class for it needs only a small number of highly-trained psychopathic killers to do the job for them; killers that they can call heroes and give the medal of honor to.

This is not a new tactic. Dying ruling classes have used this often to hold on to a few more years of power; and it does give them extra time; and it does seem to be unstoppable.

However, it can be stopped and defeated. Democracy has many advantages and one of them is that it is a good defense against assassination of workers’ leaders.

When a leader is assassinated, ten more leaders step forward. How many leaders have the Zionist Israeli government killed and now they are faced with ten new leaders for every one they have murdered.

True, the assassination of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and the leaders of the Black Panther Party was a body blow to the Black struggle. Now with the development of new leaders and democracy, the struggle will win.

The U.S. government’s “democracy” is democracy for a small conspiracy of extremely rich men. Congress is a “thieves kitchen” where they cut up their spoils. Capitalism, by its very nature, cannot be democratic.

The groups struggling for a new society not only can be democratic, but must be to exist and be effective. They should be like a fist joined together and strike as one, but the point of contact chosen by the many.

Today, in the U.S., there is a necessity for the development of Peoples Assemblies—a place where the representation and members of the many different organizations can consider, democratically, what is to be done and how to do it. Such Assemblies need to become parliaments of the working class and a rival power to the dictatorship of the capitalist class we have now.

Such Peoples Power Assemblies will be the defense against assassinations. But they will not be defense against military attacks by the capitalist state. Then it will be a situation of the relationship of forces. We shall win!

In the spirit of Crazy Horse,

Joe Johnson

Dear Editors,

I have consciously watched the psychology and character of the U.S. ruling class for three-quarters of a century. It has changed. Now, as the ruling class is coming to its end, this is what I see it is like:

  1. They are very small in numbers; not 60 families; but 20 to 30 families—less than 100 people!
  2. They have very little intelligence. The reason for this is that they have their “hired help” to do their work and their thinking for them.
  3. They have no courage. They have their workers do all their fighting; they do none—a rich mans’ war a poor mans’ fight!
  4. The have little or no compassion; not even for other members of their class.
  5. They have little imagination or ability to see the future.
  6. They have a poor ability to see, hear, speak or listen.
  7. They have little love for anyone or anything—animal or human—except money and power.
  8. They do not know or care about art, science, beauty, music, love or life—again, they care only for money and power.

They can’t last much longer. Our job is to make their going as fast and easy as possible.

Only a revolutionary party can do this.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

With warmest love,

Joe Johnson