Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics


Editorial Introduction

Fascists Defeated

Russia 1917

Russian Revolution and Workers Democracy

Defend North Korea!

Shameful Silence

Hurricane Harvey and the Dialectics of Nature

Eighty Pairs of Shoes

Trump Versus the Venezuelan Revolution

"A Watershed Election"

In Defense of Atheism

"Finland Station" and the Struggle for Socialism Today

Class War on the Waterfront

Fiat Chrysler/UAW Corruption Case

Trump and America's Fascist Forefathers

Social Security, the 14th Amendment and "Odious Debt"

Make the Rich Pay the National Debt

Democratic Socialists of America

USA-Nuclear Mass Murderer

Incarceration Nation

Rashid Will Not Be Silenced!

Delbert Africa Denied Parole

Lorenzo Johnson Free!

August 8th-Today

Trump's America and Ours

Hepatitis C Prison Wars Widen

Black Lives Matter and Police Violence

The Bell Tolls


I Am Not Your Negro


Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?

Secret Story of the War on Drugs

Arsenal of Marxism

Dismantling Domination

Antifa and the Perils of Adventurism

Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism