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Delbert Africa Denied Parole

Given five year hit

By The Justice And Accountability Campaign

Ona Move 

Earlier Today, July 6, 2017, we received word from our Brother Delbert Africa that he was denied parole yet again and what is even more sadistic and bothersome to us is the fact that Delbert was given a five year hit. Delbert was informed in a meeting today by Parole Board Member, Leslie Grey, of the decision that he would not be paroled. This is the same Board Member who has very strong ties to law enforcement officials across the state of Pennsylvania. Ms. Grey stated again that the main reason for denial is due to the fact that Delbert is a threat to the safety of the community—the same Delbert Africa, who prison officials at SCI Dallas approach regularly, and ask to intervene and stop gang fights and gang violence in the prison—and he is deemed a threat to safety.

Delbert also stated to Ms. Grey that the community is in support of his release that’s why there are petitions, letters, and phone calls all aimed at the parole board in support of parole for Delbert and other MOVE Members from members of the community all over the world. So who is this community that is threatened? We will tell you it’s the law enforcement community who feels the threat and is working in conjunction with none other than The Fraternal Order Of Police. Mark Koch a former cop and lifelong member of The Fraternal Order Of Police sits on the parole board. The connection is there for people to see and people are opening their eyes and seeing this. Ms. Grey went as far as to boldly tell Delbert, next time you come back to make sure you have no write ups and the recommendation of the prison. Delbert has had the recommendation of the prison for every parole hearing since 2008.

The Parole Board has been blatantly pushing this issue of the safety of the community since 2008 with our family, yet they have done their best to sweep under the rug the issue of Former Board Member Randy Feathers a known pedophile who had to resign in the wake of his involvement in the kiddie porn scandal with disgraced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The Pennsylvania Parole Board is indeed ensuring that MOVE Members remain in prison and also DIE in prison. We lost Phil Africa in 2015 and Merle Africa in 1998. We cannot afford to lose another one of our family members. Our next course of action will soon follow but we continuing to urge people to sign the petition urging the United States Justice Department To Investigate the case of The Move 9.1

This is a long fight that we are not backing down from and are encouraging people to continue in this fight not just for our family but your family and friends and the political prisoners and all the men and women being done wrong by these parole boards across the country.

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign

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