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January 2003 • Vol 3, No. 1 •


Money for Human Needs—Not war!

No Racist Scapegoating; Defend Civil Liberties!

International Mass Marches & Rallies Will Be Held Worldwide, Saturday, Feb. 15

San Francisco, Sacramento, New York City, many more U.S. cities, and 11 European countries!

For San Francisco:
Assemble 11 a.m. at Embarcadero Plaza,
March to Civic Center for 1 p.m. Rally.

Sponsored by Bay Area United Against War.

For information on demonstrations elsewhere visit www.unitedforpeace.org
email bayareaunitedagainstwar2003@yahoogroups.com
or telephone: 800-497-1994


The American people have no reason to go to war against the people of Iraq and have no desire to trade human blood for oil and empire. Bay Area United Against War is an emerging regional coalition formed to oppose a U.S. war on Iraq.

The Iraqi people, already suffering from 12 years of sanctions and continuous bombing responsible for the deaths of over 1.6 million people, including over 500,000 children, who will be the war’s innocent victims.

We oppose this war for the sake of all people in the Middle East who will see their communities destablilized and threatened by U.S. wars and especially the Palestinian people whose human rights are continually violated by Israel with the support and funding of the U.S. government.

It is intolerable for the United States to spend billions on weapons at any time, but especially while poverty, unemployment, and homelessness are rising. We advocate society’s resources be allocated for jobs, education, health care, a clean environment and social justice.

Racist scapegoating directed against people of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Muslim backgrounds is intolerable. The defense of civil liberties and democratic rights is of urgent importance. When dissent is stifled in the name of “national security” and fighting terrorism, is everyone’s liberties are in danger.

When unparalleled U.S. military might threatens to explode in unending wars, we are committed to build a democratic local, national, and international antiwar movement. We welcome the participation of all. We can and must unite with one voice to stop this tragic war.

—Statement adopted by the Bay Area United Against War, January 11, 2003.





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