Table of Contents

Occupy Wall Street: Under Discussion

West Coast Ports Shut Down Again!

Corporate Profit vs. the Right to Protest

Boots Riley “Tweets” Some Wisdom

You Do Not Represent the Occupy Movement

The FBI link between Penn State and UC Davis

It’s Time to ‘Occupy the Dream’

Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Next Frontier for the Occupy Movement

Occupy Atlanta Saves a Home from Foreclosure

Thank Obama for the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Gentrification and Black America’s Ancient Struggle

Occupy the Food System

About Pepper Spray

My Occupy LA Arrest

Solidarity Statement From Cairo

We are all Occupiers

Capitalism Can’t Be Fixed

Occupy and the Tasks of Socialists

Tax the Rich! Occupy the Profits!

Labor and U.S. Politics

Labor has a Legitimate Lien on Capital

An Inside Job

How Companies Plunder American Workers

Black America at the Bottom

Mass Black Incarceration Ending?

NATO, AFRICOM and the New White Man’s Burden

Murder as Instrument of Foreign Policy


Two Million Public Worker Strike in Britain

Africa Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive

Libya Still a Killing Zone

A Solidarity Statement to our Egyptian Sisters

‘The Girl in the #BlueBra’

Workers Massacred in Kazakhstan

The Massacre Everyone Ignored

Behind Bars

From Behind the Iron Door

Kevin Cooper, on Death Row, Wrongly Convicted

Occupy Death Row

Attica—1971 September 10 Thoughts

No Incarceration or Taxation Without Representation:

On the Lynching of Troy Davis

Wrap-up from the Bradley Manning Pretrial Hearing

Remember Noriko Nagata, Free Fumiaki Hoshino

William Dale Singletary (1950 - 2011)

Mumia’s Case Symbolic to Blacks in the U.S.

The Prison

Whom Do They Represent?

Toy Soldiers

Letters to the Editor