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Tens of thousands march through Paris in protest over planned pension reforms, on a national day of public sector strikes June 10, 2003

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Palestinians crowd around a destroyed car after it was hit by an Israeli helicopter gunship in Gaza June 10, 2003. Israeli helicopter missiles killed three Palestinians and wounded 32 in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in the second such attack in the territory within hours, Palestinian medics and witnesses said. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

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Thousands of Shia and Sunni Muslims have marched through Baghdad protesting against the US occupation, and demanding a say in the new Iraqi Government. Photo:Andrea Comas/Reuters

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French riot police arrest a demonstrator during a protest march, which ended near the National Assembly in Paris, June 10, 2003. Demonstrators and riot police clashed near the French National Assembly, as Parliament opened a controversial debate on a reform plan, that increases the number of years employees must work to get full benefits. REUTERS/John Schults

June 2003 • Vol 3, No. 6 •
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