Socialist ViewPoint and analysis for working people

January 2005 • Vol 5, No. 1 •

Table of Contents

The Tsunami Disaster

The Tsunami Disaster: Natural and Manmade

The Other Tsunami

By John Pilger

US/British Aid Dwarfed by the Billions Both Spend on Slaughter

By George Monbiot

Cuba: A Model in Hurricane Risk Management

Iraq War

The Mighty U.S. GI’s: Lied To, Used, and Losing

By Amer Jubran

People vs. Empire:
Only Resistance from Below can Counter Oppression

By Arundhati Roy

Iraq: The Devastation

By Dahr Jamail

Ants and Elephants

By Omar Swartz


Zionism is the Issue:
Building a Strong Pro-Palestinian Movement In the US

By Lana Habash and Noah Cohen

Socialism vs. Capitalism

Russia Following China’s Example?

By Nat Weinstein

China’s ‘Socialist Market’ Economy

U.S. Campaign Behind the Turmoil in Kiev

By Ian Traynor

Venezuela/Cuba Set Example for World Anti-imperialist Struggle

By Roger Annis and John Riddell

Why do We Need Socialism?

By Bonnie Weinstein

The Class War

The War on Working People

By Caroline Lund

The American Politics of Morality

By Mumia Abu Jamal

What Kind Of ‘Democracy’ Is This?

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

Civil and Human Rights

An Injury to Lynne Stewart is an Injury to All

By Michael Tigar

Lynne Stewart Frame-Up Unravels

By Jeff Mackler

Death Penalty Again Looms over Mumia’s Head

Peltier Seeks to Correct Illegal Sentence


Strike Against War

By Helen Keller

How the Workers are Robbed

By John Wheatley

From the Arsenal of Marxism

Once Again on Fascism

By Leon Trotsky
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