U.S. and World Politics

Pandemics are Prosperity, Sickness is Health, Ignorance is Strength

Dr. Nayvin Gordon

July 2, 2022, The New York Times printed an article entitled “New York City Quietly Drops Color-Coded COVID Alert System, as Cases Rise.” Channel 7 News in the San Francisco Bay Area announced on July 16, 2022, that BART, (Bay Area Rapid Transit) will remove mask mandates in two days while concluding with the comments that COVID-19 cases were on the rise in the Bay Area.

The mass media is delivering the message—it is business as usual, let COVID-19 spread, and science and rationality will be dismissed.

Will the next headlines be—”Fire Stations Close as the Fire Season Intensifies,” or—”Water Restrictions Removed as the Drought Worsens”?

The most dangerous variant of COVID-19 rapidly spreads around the globe in a new and deadly wave, while judges and politicians, having no license to practice medicine, are determining public health policy.

A virus that can be eliminated will deliberately not be eliminated.

We are being asked to accept the irrational as rational and have reached a time of political decay where the people have been abandoned.

The message is clear:

Pandemics are prosperity,

Sickness is health,

Death is life,

Ignorance is strength.

Is it?

Are we?