Socialist ViewPoint and analysis for working people

March 2005 • Vol 5, No. 3 •

Table of Contents

United States

Eight Million Jobs Lost?

By Rod Holt

Federal Chief Says: ‘Privatize Social Security to Boost Class Equity’

By Seth Sandronsky

Growing Movement to Ban the Military from Schools

By Carole Seligman

Pills that Kill, Tort Reform and Marijuana Prohibition

By Bonnie Weinstein

Maximum Pain is Aim of New U.S. Weapon

By David Hambling

SEIU President Andrew Stern,
the Bosses Choice for AFL-CIO Chief?

By Nat Weinstein

Trends in the Trade Unions

By Farrell Dobbs

Columbia University Professor,
Banned From Teacher-Training Program

By Brock Read


Science and Pseudoscience

By John Olmsted


Our Children are Learning Lies

By John Pilger


By Stephen Gowans

Middle East

Iraq Election Reflects Broad Hostility to U.S. Occupation

By Peter Symonds

Attack On Italian ReporterWas Intentional, Says Eyewitness


Australia: The Sickening of Democracy

By John Pilger

United Kingdom

Britain’s Terrorism Bill

By Brian Shannon


Stop U.S. Genocide in the Philippines

By E. San Juan, Jr.

Latin America

Defying U.S., Venezuela’s Chavez Embraces Socialism

By Pascal Fletcher

Socialism: The Only ‘Better World’

By Celia Hart


The Carbon Brokers

By Pratap Chatterjee

Mocking Our Dreams: The Reality of Climate Change

By George Monbiot


A ‘Wrong-Headed Review’
of Isaac Deutcher’s Biography of Leon Trotsky

By Louis Proyect

‘The Take’

By Roger Ebert

Civil Rights

Following in the Footsteps of MLK: Education is a Civil Right

By Anonymous

Prisoner’s Page

Targeting Lynne Stewart

By Mumia Abu Jamal

‘Never Again’—Really?

By Mumia Abu-Jamal
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