A World of Mess

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

It’s been over a decade since the U.S. launched it’s “crusade” against the Forces of Evil in the East, and it has only succeeded in creating disaster after disaster, and more enemies than we could count.

It has consistently backed governments in the Arab world that could double as the Mafia that rule by repression, torture and the “divine right of kings.”

It has mouthed words of democracy, and just as quickly swallowed them whole, as their chosen allies have ridden roughshod over their people, fighting them like foreign enemies.

Israel has been armed and unleashed to torment Palestinians into submission to so-called “peace deals” that would make the Vichy-French (collaborators with the Nazis during World War II) blush with shame.

And while they have spent over a trillion-bucks to stitch together their bevy of indigenous “allies,” things bubble on a caldera of lava, and social forces rage with contempt and hatred for their rulers.

Things are not well either in the Middle East or at home, for the crowns of neo-colonialism do not sit easily on the heads of U.S. allies.

The wasted billions, and hundreds-of-billions; the thousands of soldiers dead—equally wasted; and the wasted hopes of the invaded and occupied, have been the payment for this mad mission to “remake the Middle East.”

Wars have a way of returning home, in the most unexpected of ways.

We have seen that tragically in France.

Perhaps we shall see similar events here, at home., January 7, 2015