Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors,

In Wisconsin Governor Walker is planning to run for President of the United States. He's now giving his job interviews to the bosses of the U.S. about his past and future achievements. His biggest achievement was his cutting of teacher's wages, destroying their union contracts and firing them. His next achievement was to do this to all public workers; next, the cutting of public education from kindergarten through university. In the future, he promises his bosses, the big capitalists, to destroy all union contracts. Also, he plans to deeply cut Wisconsin's well-regarded system for compensating injured workers. This will be a direct attack on all workers, unionized or not, well paid or poorly paid; and indirectly, an attack on the unemployed and children. The money saved will be diverted to the rich and super-rich capitalists.

There is, however, organizing going on in Wisconsin for a general strike. Now a real, lasting general strike is extremely difficult to do, but it must be done now. It is possible now because the Democratic Party in Wisconsin is extremely weak, having no real support. The Democrats have, in the past, stopped the movement towards a general strike by diverting it to political votes for them. This they cannot do now.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse, we shall win!


Joe Johnson