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Bloody Violence Among Texas Prisoners

Updated report on violence resulting in security lockdown
at the Eastham-Administrative-Segregation Unit, Texas

By Keith “Malik” Washington

Peace and blessings Sisters and Brothers!

Today is Wednesday, January 25, 2017. A white male prisoner housed in Administrative Segregation was the victim of a bloody “harpoon” spear attack! The victim was Life-Flighted off the unit.

This is the second such attack at Eastham this month. The first attack took place on January 9, 2017, approximately 25 feet from my cell on E-Line here on the Eastham-Ad-Seg Section. Needless to say, I witnessed the first incident in which two white males were “shot” with sharp spears while they were being escorted to Outside Recreation. The attacker was another white male, a former member of a large white supremacist gang here in Texas.

There is a portable sliding shield which, when used properly by Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prison guards, decreases the risk of prisoners falling victim to such attacks.

On January 9th officers chose not to use the shield and as a result one prisoner was “shot” in the stomach. He was Life-Flighted by helicopter to John Sealy Hospital in Galveston. The second prisoner was “shot” in the butt cheek and taken to Huntsville Hospital.  Both prisoners survived.

Today, January 25th, there has been no word on the status of the latest victim, but the rumor mill is saying he is in bad shape. We were notified at 2:00 P.M. that we were on lockdown.

I would like to briefly speak about the state’s duty to protect and how TDCJ ignores that duty.

Sisters and Brothers—Whether it is forcing prisoners to drink toxic water, the abuse of the elderly or infirm prisoners, or the failure to protect Ad-Seg prisoners from violent attacks—gross negligence and deliberate indifference are the operative words which apply.

The Texas prison system has sabotaged a prisoner’s ability to be compensated when they are hurt on account of employee negligence.

For instance, the prisoners who were attacked on January 9th both utilized the offender grievance program in order to address their issues. In both cases their grievances were returned stating: “Non grievable issue!” How can this be? A human being is attacked when he is handcuffed; the officer fails horribly in protecting him, and the prisoner is told the issue is non-grievable?

Sisters and brothers: I tell you today that the state of Texas has “gamed” the system in such a way that prisoners are treated as slaves and sub-humans! TDCJ prison administrators have purposely housed me around white males who identify as white supremacists. TDCJ’s logic is this: “Let’s mix this Black Nationalist with these white dudes and see what happens.”

But nothing happens! I am not a Black Nationalist. I am a Revolutionary Socialist who fights for all oppressed human beings.

TDCJ has a duty to protect prisoners and they should compensate prisoners when they’ve been hurt on account of gross negligence and employee error.

Help us to un-game the corrupt system in Texas prisons.

Dare to struggle, Dare to win, All power to the People!

Keith “Malik” Washington is Deputy Chairman, New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter)

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Keith “Malik” Washington #1487958

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