Socialist ViewPoint and analysis for working people

May/June 2006 • Vol 6, No. 3 •

Table of Contents

World Labor

Workers Have the Power to Change the World

By Nat Weinstein

Mass Protests and Strikes In France: The Dawning of a New Era

By Greg Oxley

What’s Really Happening in France

By Sam Graham-Felsen

Britain Rocked by Biggest Strike Since 1926

By Pam Woods

England: Ministers Seek Urgent Talks after a Million Workers Join Walkout

By David Hencke, Hugh Muir and Emily Ashton

Local Government Workers Take Action to Protect Pensions

By Mike Calvert

U.S. Labor

France, Immigration, Airlines, Auto: It’s All the Same Struggle, Our Struggle.

By Todd M. Jordan

The Price of Our Future

By Todd M. Jordan

Youngstown United Against Concessions

By Todd M. Jordan

SOS Reaching A Bigger Audience Than Ever Before

By Jason Roberson

Three by Gregg Shotwell:

Miller’s Death Wish

Contradictions, False Analogies and Damn Lies

A Contract’s Value is Determined by Enforcement, Not Paper And Ink

Transcript of Video Interviews at SOS Rally

Workers on the Slag Heap of History

By David Sirota

Cartoons, Caricatures and the Myth of Artistic Freedom

By Mike Alewitz

Immigrant Rights

A Sea of People as Far as the Eye Could See: Blacks and Immigrants Call for Unity!

By Nunu Kidane

Undocumented Immigrants: ‘We Are the Working Class of America’

By John Peterson

A Fable about Immigrant Bashing

By Brian Schwartz

Amnesty for All

By Carole Seligman

The Military Wants Your Children

By Bonnie Weinstein

Political Prisoner’s Page

Two by Mumia Abu-Jamal:

Message to the Grassroots Media Convention

The TWU Strike: The Ongoing War Against Workers


Dying for Their Work

By Steven Higgs

‘What Have They Done to the Rain?’

By Leuren Moret

World Affairs

The Danger of Hugo Chávez’s Successful Socialism

By Ted Rall

Venezuelan Workers Set Up United Front of Occupied Factories

By William Sanabria and Jorge Martín

Major U.S. Military Exercises in Caribbean: A Threat to Venezuela and Cuba

By Jorge Martin

US Occupied Iraq is Not in Civil War (Yet)

By Laith Al-Saud

One Racist Nation

By Gideon Levy

China’s Reverse Marshall Plan

By Max Fraad Wolff and Richard Wolff

How the U.S. Scapegoated Milosevic for Yugoslavia’s Ethnic Wars

By James Bissett

Letter to the Editor

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