Table of COntents

United States

The Fast Food Struggle and the Power of the Unorganized

Wildcat Winter

Looking for the Revolution Outside a Wendy’s in Brooklyn

The U.S. Jobs Crisis and the Reserve Army of Labor

Misdiagnosing the Culture of Violence

A Society Built on Mass Murder

America’s Teachers: Heroes or Greedy Moochers?

Connecticut Shooting Reveals Deeper Illness in Society

The Only Antidote to More Newtowns

Sandy, the Storm from Hell—Unless You’re a Banker

FBI Ignored Deadly Threat to Occupiers

Two Years of Cablegate As Bradley Manning Testifies

America’s Technological Fetishism

Obama Moves to make the War on Terror Permanent

Targeting Children in Afghanistan

General Petraeus and the Foot Soldier

Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline

China to be Number One—But Who Will be Top Gun?

Foreclosure Scam Update

Eighty Years in Prison for Medical Pot

Score at United Nations: Cuba 188—U.S. 3

Lynch Law Was Never Repealed

Death Penalty Upheld In California Vote...

Clean-Up Makes 2010 Gulf Spill 52-Times More Toxic


Sixteen Years of U.S. Genocide in Congo

There’s No Hypocrisy in our Stance on Syria

United National Antiwar Coalition Statement on Syria

The Tragic Truth About the State of Israel

Why Gaza Must Suffer Again

The New Obama Doctrine: From Gaza to Goma

UNAC Statement on Gaza

Showdown in Egypt

El-Hamalawy: “Morsi has failed”

Egypt:  Mubarak Mark II?

No to Dictatorship

China in Revolt

Incarceration Nation

The Unsilenced Voice of a ‘Long-Distance Revolutionary’

Tears of Sorrow and Rage

Attack Dogs of War

Lynne Stewart’s Message to a Civil Liberties Conference

Free Lynne Stewart

The Historic and Ongoing Struggle for Quality Education.

Against Capitalism: To Exist We Must Resist

When the Justice System Fails You Twice

Bradley Manning Accepts Responsibility

Nobel Laureates Salute Bradley Manning

Hearing that Detailed Bradley Manning’s Torture Closes

Film Review

Victims of a Racist Witch Hunt

Letters to the Editor