Table of Contents

World and U.S. Politics

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa Special National Congress Declaration

Mandela Leaves Behind a Troubling Legacy

Argentina: Defeat for Government, Breakthrough for Revolutionary Left

Military Rule Déjà vu Understanding Egypt Today

Solidarity Saved Me from the Nazis

Profiting Off the Sick, Injured and the Healthy

Texas’ Other Death Penalty

Did Someone Say ‘Crash?’

Unemployment Drops Because People Stop Looking

Socialist Wins Seattle Election

Socialism, Then and Now

Detroit on the Auction Block

Getting Screwed By Your Bank?

America’s Child Soldiers

Obama: Deporter in Chief


Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan Destruction Aggravated by Capitalism

‘Sleepwalking to Extinction’

Incarceration Nation

Lynne Stewart and the Perversion of Compassionate Release

U.S. Prison Practices Would Disgrace a Nation of Savages

Asthmatic Prisoner Doused with Pepper Spray, Refused Medical Care, Dies

Everyday People


Petition Campaign to Free Lorenzo Johnson

Plead Guilty or Go to Prison for Life

Children of Forever

Lynne Stewart Granted Compassionate Release

The Perfect Pawn