Table of Contents

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Police, Armies, Courts and Laws

Black People’s Grand Jury

The Grand Jury

Immunity for Killer Cops

Ferguson Struggle Alters Black Politics

Cops Threaten Blue Coup in New York

Bobby Hutton’s Hands Were Up

Fighting Police Terror in Washington, DC

Broken Countries Policing

Black Cops Fear Other Cops

Oakland Protesters Blockade Police Department

Ferguson is Baghdad is New York is Kabul

Hundreds of Police Killings Not Reported to FBI

Exploding Protest Movement

Homeless Children

‘Some Sort of Hell’

Justice for Michael Brown

Blood on the Tracks

Healthcare is a Human Right

Obama’s New Torture Plan

Accuracy of U.S. Drones

Dining Out in Dinkytown


Bowing to Monsanto


U.S. and Cuba: A Change in Relationship?

Forty-Three Faces that Move the World

End the Killing of Students Now

Ebola and the Profit-Driven Healthcare Industry

Ebola in Africa

US Attacks on Muslim Countries

Turning Gaza Into a Super-Max Prison

Israel Deepens ‘Collective Punishment’ of Gaza

Incarceration Nation

Why Speaking Out is Worth the Risk

No Matter What They Say or Do, We Die

The New Outlaws

Immunity to Kill, Falsely Convict and Mass Incarcerate

Free All Political Prisoners

Free Reverend Edward Pinkney

No Indictment of Killer Cop Wilson

The Horror of Solitary

How to Get Away with Cop Murder

Death, For a Cigarette!

Book Review

The Making of an Auto Worker Activist

Letters to the Editor


Nat Weinstein—An Oral History

Nat Weinstein—An Oral History - Part VII