Table of Contents


Spill, Baby, Spill: Capitalism Gone Wild

Blowout: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Yes, Obama is “Engaged”—in a Colossal Crime

Fishermen Say BP Not Allowing Protective Gear

Dear BP: We do not live in the Gulf of Mexico.
Sincerely, Walruses

America Can’t Solve Crises Because It’s
a Company-Owned Town

Eshu’s Blues: Make Them Drink It

Obama’s ‘Escrow’ Account Will Shelter BP

The Next Deepwater Horizon?

Nigeria’s Agony Dwarfs the Gulf Oil Spill
and the US and Europe Ignore It

Chevron’s ‘Crude’ Attempt to Suppress Free Speech

Colombian Army Attacks Striking BP Workers

Capitalist Production and the Earth’s Imperative


Introduction to UAW Articles

Four by Gregg Shotwell

Where does Bob King Stand?

75 years of UAW—and Where Are We?

Blowing the Boss’s Whistle

UAW Officials get Raises—The Rank and File Pays

A Challenge For Leadership Of The UAW

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Blacks Will NEVER Gain Wealth Parity With Whites

There are No Such People as ‘Illegals’

US as World Law Enforcer?


Bloody Sunday: Put Britain in the Dock

The Colombia Elections

New Agricultural Formula in Cuba Benefits Farmers
and Brings Food to the Cities

Historic Victory at Oakland Port—Israeli Ship
Blocked from Unloading

Jewish Challenges to Zionism on the Rise in the US

Israel Rejects Call for International Probe into Attack on Gaza Flotilla

All At Sea

Behind Bars

I’m a Criminal and So Are You

Fascism Enters Through ‘Terror’ Door

Lynne Stewart and the Guantanamo Lawyers

Stopping the Execution of the Innocent

Race and Law in the USA

Letter to Mumia Abu-Jamal Supporters

Seven by Mumia Abu Jamal

Message to the U.S. Social Forum

Before BP

John Africa on Water and Pollution

Soul Music

Tea Parties and Fear of the Future

State Against People

Union-Busting: Rio Tinto Style

Letters to the Editor

A Letter from Joe Johnson