Table of Contents

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Capitalism, Bigotry, Racism and War

White Terrorism

Obama and the Logic of Massacre&

Black Lives Matter

‘No Justice—No Peace’

Small Criminals

The War on Teens

Police Killed Over 500 People in the U.S. This Year

Debtor’s Prisons

The Rate of Profit is the Key

Marx Was Right

Obama Rams Through TPP

U.S. ‘Two-Track Policy’

UNAC Action Plan 2015


Troika Demands Tsipras’ Head

Solidarity with the Greek People

EuroZone Profiteers

Wall Street and the Greek Financial Crisis

NO! But What Now?

Medical Care and Life Under Austerity

Greek Debt Crisis is the Iraq War of Finance

Taxpayers’ Overdue Debt

Europe Blowing Itself Apart Over Greece

The Mexican Midterm Elections

Oaxaca Occupied

Mexico’s Missing Students

Tragedy in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Tragedies


Flood the System

Keep on Rockin in the Free World

Incarceration Nation

America’s Slave Empire

Five Years Behind Bars

Free Chelsea Manning

Stop Strip Searching My Mom!

Israel to Legalize Torture of Palestinians

Washington’s Accelerating Global Totalitarianism

The Fight of My Life

A Chronically Lethal System

Dynasty: The Politics of Spectacle