Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

We Can't Breathe: On the Lynching of George Floyd

Why Police Reforms Are Not Enough

Year of the Plague: A Capitalist Disaster in U.S. Prisons

Justice for George Floyd

Labor and the Movement for All Black Lives!

Police are the Enemy Within

The Real Looters

The International Struggle Against Police

Police Unions Dishonor the Labor Movement

California Labor Condemns Police Murder of George Floyd

Nineteen Facts About American Policing

Police Infiltration Of U.S. Protests

Fury Over Minneapolis Police Murder of George Floyd

Those Eyes

The System is Stacked Against Us

DC Residents Open Doors to Protesting Teens

Cops Murder Children, Too

George Floyd's Last Words

In My Lifetime

Black Lives Matter, Especially in Palestine

Hypersonic Missiles: The Coming Nuclear Menace

UK Spent Billions on Bombs but Ignored Pandemic

Resolution for Funding for the Undocumented

Global Nuclear Weapons Spending 2020

New Postmaster General Is an Expert Job-Killer

Pandemic: Capitalism's Cruel Absurdity

Economic Crisis Prepared Cuba COVID-19

Why Black Americans Are Dying of COVID-19

A Clean Break

Employers Are Behind the Rush to Reopen

Richest Added $434 Billion Since Pandemic Hit

COVID-19 "Death Panels"

Appearance and Reality of Pandemic Protection

Incarceration Nation

Abolish Police Unions

Why Does California Need an Innocence Commission?

Coronavirus at Chino Women's Prison

New York Appealed to Keep an Elderly Prisoner Behind Bars-Then He Got Coronavirus

Our Deadly Bread

World on Fire

Remembering Delbert Africa

Letter to the Editors