Table of Contents

March/April • Vol 7, No. 2

Editor's Page

The War on Iraq and the Real Division in the US Ruling Class.

By the Editors


Bush's Iraq Plan: Surge or Gusher?

By Richard W. Behan

Petraeus! Is Baghdad Burning?

By Stan Goff

Pro-Iranian Iraqi Government 'Fooling' U.S. Military

By Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily

Growing Military Opposition to the Invasion of Iraq and Barack Obama

By Paul Street

The West Aims to Make a Killing on Iraqi Oil Riches

By Danny Fortson, Andrew Murray-Watson and Tim Webb

US 'Victory' Against Cult Leader Was 'Massacre'

By Patrick Cockburn


US Marchers Sent Message-And Deserved Better

By Charles Jenks

Antiwar Unity Required at This Stage

Hudson Valley New York Activist Newsletter

The Antiwar Movement An Editorial Opinion

By Carole Seligman

The U.S. Psychological Torture System is Finally on Trial

By Naomi Klein


The Most Dangerous Place on Earth? Iran!

By Tim Rinne

An Appeal to the Conscience of Those Who Would Bomb Iran

By U.S. Army Reserves Colonel (Retired) Ann Wright

Revealed: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran

By Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter

Iran's Nuclear Energy Program

By Muhammad Sahimi


On Bread and Democracy

By Samah Jabr

An Open Letter to An Artist

By Mike Alewitz

United States

Gang Injunctions

By Bonnie Weinstein


Bar Codes & Boondoggles, Slogans & Goals, Subliminal Messages & Robotic Control

By Gregg Shotwell

Raids, Reforms, and the Labor Movement

By Tim Costello, Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith

Which Side Are You On?

By David Bacon

Political Prisoner's Page (Four by Mumia Abu-Jamal)

When War Crimes Ain't Crimes

Global Warming: The Planet's Death Row

No Matter What

How the Forces of Capital Got Us Where We Are


Patenting Life

By Michael Crichton

The Universe Gives Up Its Deepest Secret

By Steve Connor

Latin America

What Does It Take to Kill an Idea Whose Time Has Passed?

By John Thornhill

Chavez Calls on Working Class to Put Itself at the Forefront of the Revolution

By Euler Calzadilla and Jose Hernandez (CMR)

Rule by Decree Is Democratic

By Bernardo Alvarez

Chávez Calls for United Socialist Party of Venezuela

By John Riddell


Thinking About China: Capitalism, Socialism and Class Struggle

By Paul Burkett and Martin Hart-Landsberg


Analyzing the Bolivarian Revolution